How to qualify a sales lead in your Business.


I do not care what business you’re in you have to recruit in order to build you’re business?  This is a Skill that people should be working on a daily basis. You need to know how to do this in order to be successful.How are you? Would you work with yourself? This is the biggest question, Would you work with yourself? The number one Question people have when it comes to recruiting is how to Qualify sale leads in your business. There are some very important things you must know if order to learn how to qualify a sales lead into you’re business.


How to qualify a sales lead

This is the number one question people have. There are a lot of questions when it comes to how to qualify a sales lead. What kind of people are you wanting to Bring into your business. Who are you attracting to you? All of this matters when your trying to Qualify a sales lead. When you can define what kind of people you want to bring into your business it will save you a lot of time and headaches in the long run. I have been through the painful part on how to qualify a sales lead and I’m going to tell you some secrets that will help you in the long run.


 What kind of people are you attracting to you?

Why does this even matter? If you’re a negative person you will never qualify a sales lead. Negative people never take action. They have no desire to move forward and they stay in a broke mindset. Negative people hang ,around Negative people and stay in the pain of the past.

If you’re a positive person you will attract positive people. Positive people have a desire to move forward and take action. They Tend to Look outside the broke mindset and move in a better direction. Now does this make better since so far? You need to define what kind of people you want to surround yourself around. Successful people hang around Successful people and then you can learn how to qualify a sales lead.

What do I need to look for in a Person?

You need to find people who are open Minded, Coach-able and people who want to help other people. You Do not want people who only want to make money. When you Find Coach-able people they are more likely to learn and help build and train their teams. You can’t coach and answer everyone’s questions. When looking for People to qualify sales leads you need to think about the future. When you have a huge team are you doing to have people who are coach able to take a load off your shoulders? I hope so.


What is one thing that Inspires you about the person you want to Qualify?

What Inspires you to about the person you want to bring in your team? Look for People who Give lots of value out into the Industry. Remember they are going to represent your Company and you as well. Do they want to be Successful, Is there Social Media Positive and up Lifting? Does this person Dress nice? Is this Person extra Friendly? These are the things that should Inspire you about people you want to qualify in a sales lead.

Body language?

This is your Business you should act and run it like a business. Not everyone is going to Qualify in your business. If you’re doing a Face to Face meeting with someone Look at the body language? Are they looking you in the eye when they speak to you? How did they dress and how do they carry their self’s? You want people who have a Huge Vision and can see far into the future. People who are Inspiring to you will be Inspiring to others. Body language means a lot when you are  learning  how to qualify a sales lead.

Recruiting People

In order to  qualify a sales lead you need to have a list of Questions for your Prospect to answer. This is just like an Interview. The Number one Question you should always ask is ARE YOU COACH- ABLE, If they say No! You stop what you’re doing and tell them you have some other people to talk to and you will be in touch. This is Called (B.I.C) Break In Communication. Kindly send them an Email and thank them for their time and Explain that you are looking for Coach able people in your Business. Wish them the best in luck to their future and leave it at that. If you Bring people into your Business who are not coach able you are going to have a dead team and a dead Business.


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