3 Tips On Recruiting people that come to you.

The Biggest Job we have in Network Marketing is Recruiting. I think this is by far the Hardest Part of having any kind of Business.  We have to Recruit Rep in their Business and train them to be efficient in their not already done so. This their a Better way when it comes to Recruiting people that come to you?

3 Tips on how to Recruit that come to you.

When it Comes to Recruiting People that come to you can Be a lot Easier than you may think. In this post Im going to give you 3 tips that can help you to get people to come to you.

1.) Make Sure Your Social Media is Clean. 

 No one wants to connect and hang out with you if your Posting Negative things out into Social Media. Posting your Products on Social Media is not the way to Drive people to you. No one cares what you have to offer. people want to know about you. Make sure you have a Good Picture of yourself in your Profile Picture. Use this Picture in all your Social Media Platforms so People can find you around the Net.  What Do you want people to remember you by? You have to be the Authority In your Niche. Be that person that helps others. When people Help People, You will gain more followers. You want to have people coming to you and recruiting Will become easier. 

2.) Do Live Video’s

People Tend to hide behind there Computer Screen. Come out and show People Your real. When you do Live video’s You show People You want to Connect with them. With Live Video People can learn you a lot Better. People can Learn your Body Language, Posture and the Tone in your Voice. When People Learn ho you are they will began to Like and trust you. It Boils down to, People buy from people they Like and trust.


3.) Building Rapport

Taking time to Learn your Audience and what their needs are very Important. Giving Your Audience Value is Key. You want to give out content that Your Audience. Build More Curiosity make your Audience come to you. People will come to you when there interested in what your talking about, when you only give them a piece of the Puzzle that your taking about. People will start to wonder, what your doing and how your doing it. It’s a must to seek conversation. Never post your products and service on any of your Profile’s. When you do this your basically telling people to google what you have and then once they find a bad review it’s over.  When Building relationships over Social Media you want to be Pre – Qualified People. Asking Lots of Questions in the beginning of your conversation will help you in the closing. Base the Conversation around the person your building Rapport with. Complement People, Find out what they Like.  When you base the conversation around you, this will only build resistance in your Friendship.

When will People come to you?

When you Provide value into the Market Place You will become that Authority. People Look for people that will help them out . When You start to Educate people and help others with problems, they will com back to you. Depending on how quickly  you add Value you Provide into the Market Place. When You have something that people want and need, you want them to come to you. If people have to come to you to find out the info that they need you will have more leads coming in. When you Drive that curiosity in your Content with out a Name of the company People will have no Choice but to come to you. This is when You will start recruiting people that come to you.

Attracting People.

You attract the kind of people based on how you act. When Your being Negative, this is what you will attract.  When Your positive and uplifting this is the kind of people you will attract. Its that simple. You want to Attract good Quality people on Social Media. People Join People. People join Companies. When you attract the right kind of people you will be able to recruiting people that come to you .



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