Tips on how to keep your Floors Cleaner naturally durning the summer break.

It’s Finally summer. The kids favorite season of the year. This means that the kids are at home all during the day on some case’s eating and making messes while you’re at work or out running those errands that are overdone. I can relate all too well with trying to keep the house clean while the kids were at home. I think the biggest stink moms have when it comes to cleaning is keeping the floors clean and shiny. When the floors are dirty it makes what whole house look dirty.

Tips on how to keep your floors cleaner naturally during the summer break.

This has to be one of the fuss’s moms have during the summer, Keeping the floors clean when the kids and their friends are coming in and out of the house tracking dirt and other debris on the floors that you work so hard to stay clean. What would be the best way to keep cleaner floors during the summer?

One of the best ways is asking the kids to be in charge of helping to keep cleaner floors. Make a game out of you this chore. Depending on how many kids you have you could rotate and ask each child to be in charge of keeping the floors cleaner during the day and week. If kids don’t take part in this chore they will never relate to how hard it can be to keep floors clean. By using natural ways to keep the floors clean you won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals around your kids.

Simple Hacks for healthier cleaner floors during the hot traffic summer months the natural way.

Hardwood Floors

When Cleaning your hardwood floors you can easily clean with natural essential oils Just by Sweep or vacuum your floor, then mop. Since wood can warp if exposed to too much water, a mixture of 1 teaspoon of castile soap into a 24-ounce spray bottle of hot water, then adds 10 drops of lemon or rosemary essential oil. She lightly spritzes the floor and wipes it with a microfiber mop can clean your floors naturally and leave a fresh scent.


Tile Floors

Tile is pretty easy when it comes to cleaning. Combine the gentle scrubbing power of baking soda and make a quick paste, then adding Tea Tree and Thieves essential oils add extra cleaning power and a fresh, clean scent. Use a clean brush or toothbrush to clean the floors. No more worrying if your family is breathing in those toxic fumes from store-bought cleaners!


Carpets can be a little tricky depending on the stain or spill. You can still go natural on the carpet cleaning. Combine 1 teaspoon liquid dishwashing soap, 1/4 white vinegar and 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Add 3 drops lavender and 2 drops tea tree essential oils. Shake well. Spray the homemade carpet Cleaner onto the stain.

When it comes to getting your floors cleaner who should you turn to in order to get more bang for your buck and still have all natural cleaners on your floors.

Stanely Steemer

Stanely Steemer can take anywhere between 8-24 hours for the carpet to completely dry, depending on the aforementioned variables. Using fans in any rooms cleaned and turning your air conditioning or heating system on, depending on the time of year, can help accelerate drying time. Again who has time to wait for floors to dry and fans all in the way.

 AJ Chem-Dry

I personally use AJ Chem-Dry. With Aj Chem-Dry, I don’t have to wait for 8-24 hours or even days

Going Green with your floors?

for my carpets to dry. Aj Chen dry carpet cleaning service realizes that making time for carpet cleaning can be hard, Aj Chem-Dry Floor cleaning that only takes 1-2 hours to dry not 1-2 days. AJ Chem-Dry uses less water than other carpet cleaning companies, allowing your carpets to dry properly while still receiving a detailed cleaning.

They offer key factors such as healthy cleaning products, allergen/bacteria elimination, and pet urine stain removal. AJ Chem-Dry offers all of these fantastic benefits and much more! AJ Chem-Dry will take your carpets to the next level of healthy by cleaning your carpets with the Hot Carbonation Extraction truck-mount system. This system is the most advanced cleaning technology in the industry, cleaning deep within your carpet fibers with our primary cleaning solution that acts like millions of tiny effervescent bubbles, clearing away dirt and grime. Aj Chem-Dry cares about getting your floors cleaner than ever.  To receive a free quote and learn more about Al Chem-Dry Please go to Cleaner Healthier life.