What is Proximity Marketing?

Business Owners all have one thing in common. There all looking to attract more customers to their business. It cost’s Business owners a fortune to Advertise their business every year. Business Owners normally get stuck with a contract when it comes to advertising. Business Owners are now looking Deeper Into Proximity Marketing. Proximity Marketing is the Newest Way to Advertise with the Technology that reaches Mobile phone. So what is Proximity Marketing and can it help you grow your business?

What is Proximity Marketing? 

Proximity Marketing is the Newest way to get the word out about any offer you have. The Technology that is placed in beacons ( Like the one in the Pic) broadcast to mobile phones. It’s very easy to use and very effective. Proximity Marketing works through blue tooth technology. You do not need WIFI for our service to work. The Process is extremely easy to use. Asirvia has a platform for which your Goes run from. You create your 40 charter Message and use your call to action website and that is it. The Go’s ( Beacons) Broadcast your Message. When your Potianl Customer clicks on your message they are redirected to your website, Landing page or Facebook page.  The Possibilities are Endless.

Proximity Marketing

The go 400 reaches up to 400 Meters

How Far Does the Asirvia Go Broadcast?

The Asirvia Go’s Broadcast within 400 meters. If you do the math that is 1/4 of a mile all around the Asirvia Go. If you use these in the Mall not only will you reach the mall length but you will reach outside in the parking lot. What if you were in the NEW YORK Yankee Statum and being able to reach people in that Statum with your Offer. Imagine the leads you could Possible get while being at a baseball game or any Event.



How can Proximity Marketing grow your business?

Business owner all has one thing in common, We are all looking for ways to gain more customers to buy or at least look at our offer’s. Proximity Marketing can help grow your business by getting your offer’s out in front of more people. Proximity Marketing reached your target audience right from your potential customer’s favorite devices, Mobile Phones.

Proximity Marketing AsirviaThe World holding their favorite Device in their hands 24/7 and checking their phones every 5 second’s your Potential customer can see your offers faster and more effective than a Newspaper Ad. The Asirvia Platform also shows you how many Exposure’s you get in real time. This is something that you can’t do with any other Business Advertising.  Other Advertising just grabs your money and when your Ad runs out time that’s it. You have no way knowing how many people your Ad reached. Proximity Marketing you know which message is working the best.  Proximity Marketing with Asiriva is Unlimited usage there is no need to worry about your Ad running out of time and Wondering if people saw your Ad.

  Show me more about How Proximity Marketing works!

During the month of April, you can now watch a live Webinar to learn more and get all your Questions answered.  We are holding a live webinar every hour on the hour. All you need to do is join us @ Show me more  

At the top of every hour, you will see our leaders doing a live webinar. When the Webinar is over if you are Interested in Joining as a Customer or an Affiliate  Click HERE

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