Ways to provide outstanding customer service to keep customers for life.


We all have been somewhere and have walked out of the store and said one of two things. That was the best customer service I just received or that was the worst customer service and I will never come back to this store again. Once a customer gets a bad taste or is treated poorly they may never come back and share their story about the service they received. In today’s post, I’m going to share ways to provide outstanding customer service to keep customers for life.


Ways to provide outstanding business customer service to keep customers for life.

When it comes to providing business customer service the first we all need is Patients. There is a saying that says ” The Customer is always right.” The biggest way to start to give the best customer service is having a good attitude. Your Customers can sense when you’re not feeling the best or you’re unhappy about something.

Your Customers like to know that you appreciate them. When you show them you care they pass their experience along t other people. When that happens you could get referrals from your customers.

A few ways that you can offer outstanding customer service is to follow up a couple of days after your customer has received their order. Make sure they’re happy with their order and see if they have any questions. Reaching out to your customer when they least Expect it will keep them happy.

Thank you for Closed Business.               Customer Service

When a customer buys from you, thanking them for being your customer is vital to keeping your customers happy. When a customer buys from you sending them a thank you card or postcard will lighten up their day, they will remember you the next time they share your products. With everything on autopilot, I’m sure an email goes out to each customer but there is nothing like that old fashion card that someone can hold in their hands.


Thank you for Continued business.

Why not send your customers a card every month when they have an auto-ship or subscription. Your customer will  share their experience with their friends and family a whole lot faster if you thank them on a weekly basis. The is a great way to provide wonderful business customer service. Word of mouth is the fastest and best advertising you could possibly have in your business.

I did a Facebook Audio today about thanking customers for closed and continued business. You can listen to it HERE

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