Beacon Gem advertises to Alert more people about your Business.

Lets Face it, trying to get  leads for all business’s can sometimes be one of the hardest tasks a business owner has to tackle. There is was a much  easier on how to get business opportunity leads for your business that are interested in what you have to offer.  In this Blog Post I would like to Introduce the Gem. The Gem is a Great way to get Business opportunity leads and sales.Use The Beacon Gem advertises to Alert more people about your Business. You can now reach a larger area about what you have to offer.

Looking to Increase Traffic to your Website for More Sales?

The Beacon Gem Advertising Leads are hitting the market world wide and giving business opportunity leads to thousands of business owners. 

The beacon Gem Adverting Leads  is a perfect way to find  Customers for your Business that will  knock on your door to check out what you have to offer.The Gem is Perfect if your just starting off or looking to Cut the Cost of Business Advertisement  down.The Gem is Perfect For Gathering Leads and customer’s for all business’s who are wanting to Advertise and not spend millions of Dollars a year.

  What If You Could reach Tons Of People While Driving Down the Road. Sitting in Your Own Living Room. Walking Through Your Local Mall and Send Out a Notification Of Your Business and Product to all Android cell phones?

Imagine  Walking Into Your Local Grocery Store and Do your Shopping and at the Same time Gather Free Leads Of People who Really want to Look at Your Product and Service? Maybe Even Get a Few New Representatives? The Gem is Perfect for people looking for Insurance Leads, Real Estate  leads, Car Dealership leads, Pizza Delivery and Store front. Even People Looking for Leads in home based business.

 What Does the Gem Look Like and how does it work?

The Gem is a Small device. So small you can Place these in your Pocket and on your key Ring.  The Gem is Idea For many areas due to the size and Technology.



The Gem is a Small Device that Is Weather Prof and a Battery Life that Lasts For 2 Years. You Set the Gem Up To send out a Notification To Every Android Phone that Comes With in 100 Yards Of your GEM. Would That Not Be Valuable and Help You Get business opportunity  LEADS that You Have Been wanting Into Your Cold &Warm Market? The Gem allows you more time and freedom in your Daily Life and business routine to tackle other tasks that need to be done.

How Does the Beacon Gem Advertise Leads Work with Technology?

Our Technology

Device Specifications

Signal Range: 100m
Communications: Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology 2.4GHz RF
Sensitivity: Bluetooth: -93dBm
Transmission Power: Bluetooth: -30dBm to 4dBm
Battery Life: Up to 2 years
Main Processor: 32-bit ARM® Cortex™ M0 CPU core
Bluetooth Processor: Nordic nRF51822
Data Rates: 250kBs, 1Mbs and 2Mbs

How Do you set up the Royaltie GEM?

This is very Simple. All you do is go to our website and Login. You will go to the GEMS and match the nummbers and letters With the Gem in our Website and enter your website. As long as your Website is Legit Royaltie will Approve it and the Gem Starts to work.

Is there an Affiliate Program?

Yes There ia an affiliate has a  program which allows you to share with others that may be business owners who are looking for away to get their business out Just like you . You have that Option Right at the Check out to become an affiliate or just a customer.


If I become an affiliate will I meet my Sponsor?

Yes I get in touch with all New Affiliate Marketers so I can meet you on a Personal Level and Place you in the Groups We have on Facebook.

Beacon Gem Compensation Plan

Beacon GEM Compensation Plan Offers many Bonus’s each month that You can earn over and Over again. You will also have a small level to build. The bonus’s make up  for us NOT being a MLM . You will also make a Percent on Monthly Fee’s From all Customers and Your Levels below. But Royaltie is not a MLM

Where can I purchase my GEM?

The gem is only online, you will never find the gem in your local stores. Should you find a gem else where online I would not order it any place except for Royaltie. Our company set your approves your website and no one else can do this.

What websites can i use for my Gem?

  • Blog Posts of offers
  • Your Url to your Business
  • Facebook Business or Fan Page
  • A capture page with your offer

If you plan to be a Affiliate I recommend having one just foe the gem so you can share with business owners in your area or where ever you travel. This is just a idea.

To Find out more Please go to beacon advertising



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