Proximity Marketing

What is all this BUZZ about Proximity Marketing? Does it work and how effective in the Market Place. What is Proximity Marketing? Is proximity Your marketing Solution?

Proximity Marketing 

Proximity Marketing enables entrepreneurs to arrive Business before Huge hordes of individuals that could search for what you bring to the table. Business Owners are always Looking for a Solution for affordable Advertising.  Business owners are now Promoting their Business with the newest Proximity Marketing to get more potential  customers to look at their Offers. Proximity Marketing Companies are now Giving Business owners so many options when it comes to Marketing their Business on Mobile phones with proximity marketing . Proximity Marketing allows business Owners to get their Business in front of Huge crowds of people 


Asirvia is a proximity marketing Company that is growing Very Fast because of their service that they give to their Customers. Asirvia now has proximity marketing devices that work with any Business that you have.

Asirvia proximity marketing allows you to reach your next Potential Customer with in 100 yards of your device. Our devices are the Size of a Sliver Dollar . You now have the option to Turn The device On and off. Asirvia is one of the best Proximity marketing Companies in the Industry. We give our Customers more Value and Control over their Marketing Device.


How can proximity marketing work for your Business?

Proximity marketing has the power and technology to send out a 40 charter Message or longer, that you want you’re next Potential customer view. Your Next Potential customer will click on the message that will be Directed to the website you set up.  Proximity marketing is now the fastest and Most affordable way to market your business on the Go.This is a Great way to  reach a larger Audience that will bring you Endless leads and Customers. You can now Market your Business while you’re at business Events, Walking through the Airport, At a Concert and more places you ever Dreamed of. Proximity marketing could take your business to the next level. Asiriva makes this their advertising affordable and effective for your Business to get your word out to other people with google mobile advertising. This is a great offline marketing strategy that is helping thousands of business owners 


How does proximity marketing technology work?

Asirvia has their own proximity marketing technology, that allows you to market your business with google mobile advertising to any Mobile phone that has their Blue Tooth on. Most Mobile Phone have their blue tooth on in today’s world with people Syncing their phones to their cars and other Electronics . Our Devices have a 2 year battery. You do not need WIFI for the Proximity Devices to work with proximity marketing.

How does a proximity marketing platform work with Asirvia?

Asirvia proximity marketing Platform works in so many different ways. Asirvia’s Platform keeps track off all the clicks to the messages you set up. You can see what is working best and whats not working. You can Also set up Coupon offers, menu’s and more on our Platform. You can check and see proximity marketing statistics in real-time of how many people have Clicked on your Message you have sent out. You can see how many People Clicked during the day and Watch your Statistics rise as more people get your Messages. You can also set different messages on a timer. “Lets take Restaurant owners who have Breakfast, Lunch and dinner Specials going on throughout the day”, You can set it and forget it!  Asirvia Platform will change your Message throughout the day for you and show you Specials or message’s you want to broadcast through out the day. 


What does my Message look like on Mobile Phone’s?

Your Message that you broadcast will show up in mobile phone Notifications. You don’t have to worry about Spamming Other people. Your Message will not disturb other people. As you know People have a choice to have their notifications on. Your Message will appear in the Drop down Menu on a Iphone, Android or Tablet. 


Can I afford Proximity Marketing?

Yes I think you will be Surprised on how Affordable this really is. Right now Until Dec 31,2017 You can Now get all Devices 50% off and Grandfather your Price in. One Device is Less than a Cup of Coffee a day. If you have several Work Trucks we have a Bundle deal Right now. 

Net Work Marketers are now using this form of advertising because it is way cheaper than Using Facebook Ad’s. Your More Likely to get more People to see your offer than Using Facebook Ads.

Find out more Info on how Asiriva can work for you, as we show you.

You can learn more on how our system works and how Asiriva can help you and your Business reach a larger audience. You can watch this Video as  we show you live. You can Also Connect with me Straight to Facebook Find out how  Our Proximity Marketing Company can Help you today.

To Schedule a time to talk to me and get any Questions Answered please go to my Live Scheduler.



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