Natural weight loss to transform your body

Weight loss seems to the biggest trend around the world. Even more so in North America. So many people give up on their weight loss journey due to not seeing results. We often think that store diet weight loss products are safe because there is an FDA Approved on the bottle. But what little did you know these kinds of weight loss products are filled with sawdust and other fillers that of course do not work when it comes to weight loss. People are on the hunt for ways to transform the body with natural weight loss. I’m sure you are one of those people are you would not land on this page. I want to share with you an amazing story of a friend of mine that transformed his 800-pound body into a healthy running machine. I say running because he went from not being able to move to runing 13 miles a day. What was the natural weight loss formula that this man used?

Natural Weight loss

In this post, I will give you some tips on how you can start your natural weight loss today.  The first thing is Will Power. No matter where you are with your weight if you do not have the willpower to make lifestyle changes it will never happen. The next is motivation, Are you willing to get up and be motivated to do what it takes? In order to lose weight everything, you put into your mouth matters. Eating more Fruits and Veggies, Which a lot of people do not live fruit or veggies. Maybe you like them all. But the veggies people do not like are the ones that matter the most when it comes to natural Weight loss. The way that you cook, such as oils your using. Coconut and Olive oils are a much better choice than vegetable oil.  There are many different ways to lose weight the natural way. It’s about choice and dedication and being consistent. Natural weight loss costs more but it worth it in the end. You can’t put a price on your health.

6 Months to live.

My friend who is a 56-year-old male went to the Dr one day only to leave with some very devastating news. He had six months to live unless he made some fast healthy weight loss changes. Weighing in at 800 pounds hardly able to move and could not enjoy living made some very healthy natural weight loss changes. He had a vision that you could not believe and knew he had to step up to the plate or he was a done deal. My friend knew he had to lose ALOT of weight in order to make his massive life style changes.

Natural Weight loss

Every label you read promises you to lose weight and gets your hopes up, but to only set people up for failure. I’m sure you can relate to what I have to say if you are one of the millions of people who are looking for a weight loss solution.  People are looking for easy weight loss because of the thought of working out at the gym when your overweight lowers your energy level just by the thought of it.  Nothing is easy in life if you want to lean towards the natural weight loss.

575 pounds shredded

As I shared with you my Friend had to make some massive lifestyle changes when it came to his health. He worked every day to move more and more and come up with an exercise plan. Over the course of 8 years, he lost 575 pounds. Now he is Inspiring people around the world with his story and Picture book for his transformation of natural weight loss he followed every single day.  I’m sure by now your wondering what did he do?  Because his story is so valuable and real I want you to hear it for yourself.

My Personal Transformation

I personally started to Join this natural Weight Loss journey. I could not believe the results I saw within 3 week time. As you mommies know we end up carrying a baby pouch that drives us nuts. I never thought I would ever see it transform into a normal Belly again. The Pictures are my personal results in a 3-week time frame just by following what my friend did to lose the 575 pounds. I have also managed to stop the swelling in my body and water that was retained by lymphedema.  Results are amazing and now the fluid is gone the scale shows me looking 8 pounds in a 4 week period.

Natural Weight Loss

Before my natural weight loss.

natrual weight loss

3 weeks after going on this natural weight loss


Special Invite

Because I can about you I want to invite you to a call that we do every Thursday at 9 PM EST. I have asked him to Inspire some more people just like you. You will discover how he went from 800 pounds to 6 months to live, to running 13 miles a day with some simple steps he made in his lifestyle that anyone can do today. If you would like to join the call and listen to his story Look to this post and sign into the box that says ” Discover how a 56-year-old man lost 575 pounds”